D aaven Hospitality; the “GROUP OF Hotels & Resorts” of Odisha, welcomes you to visit Bhubaneswar city and its surroundings for business, official or vacation ambiance. To meet your ambiance we have Hotel Daaven & Hotel Ghungur at Bhubaneswar and Chilika Island Resort (Daaven’s Eco-Cottage) on Chilika at Satapada. We provide all the services for leisure travelers as well, to help them make the most out of their stay in Bhubaneswar/ Berhampura-Mahisa Island on Chilika, Satapada. The hotel/resort boasts of intricate decor and contemporary interiors. We ensure that all the modern facilities that contribute to a satisfying and comfortable experience, are available to our guests, which we ensure by continually upgrading our services. Each room /cottage is equipped with the most modern amenities that the hospitality industry offers internationally. Attention to detail and a professional team is what makes Daaven Hospitality a wonderful experience.


Visit Odisha.Explore the rich Art & Architecture expressions, the serenity beauty of Nature at its Forests, Mountains, Waterfalls, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Beaches, the Asia’s Largest Brackish Lagoon Chilika; Experience it once.You became get hooked for life. It is still untapped…..awaiting discovery; thus offers something new to Enjoy as the People of Odisha is Hospitable & Friendly.


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