Chilika Island Resort offers a range of top facilities to enhance
the guest experience:

Beach Football / Volleyball

Cycling Island Tour

Boating on Chilika

Burma Bridge

Balancing Rope Bridge

Snake (Bamboo) Ladder

Fishing with Fish Bait

Jhula Balance Ropeway

Country Boat Ride


Tree Jhula

Balloon Gun-Shoot

Chess Board

Ring Ball at the Beach

Activities that Support Nature

Forest Trekking at Rajhans Sandy Bar
Fishing with Fishing Bait
Witnessing Sunrise/Sunset at the Beach
Sunbathing at the Beach

Nature support:

Sun Bath at Beach, Sunrise/Sunset at Beach/ Resort , Trekking at Sandy Forest, Fishing with Fish Bite in the Premises Ponds, Boating , Kayaking on Premises Pond , Inflatable Boating fun in the Premises Pond and many more throughout the year which is beyond  and will be a lifetime memorable.

Village Parikarama

Walk inside Village Berhampura and Mahisa, Feel the visible poverty & atmosphere, Experience the livelihood of fishermen & their culture and traditions; walk around the village and meet the villagers, or simply relax and enjoy the serenity and enjoy the beauty of nature. The one most relaxed thing about these villages is that, they are free from the heavy traffic of city life.

Thrilling sights to watch for entertainment

Dolphins, Migratory & Native birds, Nala Bana, Rajhans Virgin Beach, Sandy Forest, Kalijai Hill and Goddess KALIJAI , Sea Mouth( SANGAM POINT), Prawn Hatcheries , Chaka Nasi, Sipi Nasi, Bhaba Kundaleswar TEMPLE , Chaubara and many more.

Enjoy & Experience Premises Activities

Indoor/ Outdoor Games for Kids and Adults, Multi cuisine Restaurant, Pool side Dining , Rain Dance platform , Coffee/Tea Shop, Luggage Storage, Jogging Track, Boating and Water Sports, Wedding, Conference and Meeting Facilities and Supports for Destination Picnic Parties.