Chilika Island Resort offers low and budget-friendly pricing, providing affordable rates without compromising on the quality of accommodations and services.

SUPER DELUXE₹4500₹4750₹5750₹6750₹7000
SWISS TENT₹2500₹2750₹3750₹4750₹5000
DOME TENT₹2000₹2250₹3250₹4250₹4500

EP – European Plan (Bed + Tea)
CP – Continental Plan ( Bed + Breakfast)
MAP – Modified American Plan (Bed + Breakfast+ Lunch or Dinner )
AP – American plan (Bed + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner )
MAPI/API – Bed + Breakfast + Lunch + Hi-Tea + Dinner )

EP ( European Plan. Under this plan, only room rent is included and any food cost will be additional. Usually this will have the lowest tariff. )
CP ( Continental Plan. Under this tariff plan, room rent and complimentary free breakfast is included. For dinner and lunch you will have to pay extra).
MAP( Modified American Plan. Under this tariff plan, room rent is included with free breakfast and free lunch OR free dinner).
AP ( American Plan. This tariff includes room rent plus breakfast, lunch and dinner. Booking a room under this plan means that you wont have to pay extra for food).
MAPI or API – This is an extended version of MAP or AP under which free evening tea/snacks are provided.