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About Us

Daven's Chilika Island Resort is situated on Berhampura - Mahisa Island along the eastern shore of Chilika, Asia's largest coastal lagoon. Nestled between Satapada and Rajhans sandy bar; this pristine slice of nature offers a tranquil escape in Puri District, Odisha. Chilika, a 1100 square kilometer lagoon, was formed around 3500 years ago and is fed by 52 rivers and rivulets. It boasts clean air, a dust-free environment, and lush green surroundings, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. The lagoon is a unique ecosystem teeming with diverse flora and fauna, including fish, prawns, crabs, and the fascinating Irrawaddy Dolphins. It's also a haven for millions of resident, migratory, and aquatic birds, making it a paradise for eco-tourists, adventure enthusiasts, and nature lovers year-round. Daven's Chilika Island Resort provides a quiet, private, secure, and pollution-free environment. Guests can enjoy thrilling dolphin sightings, Rajhans Beach, the serene Reserve Forest, Nala Bana for birdwatching, Magar Mukh, Kalijai Hill and much more. This well-equipped resort offers modern facilities, adventure activities, and indoor/outdoor games. Our local staff is dedicated to delivering top-notch accommodation, delicious cuisine, and leisure activities for all our valued guests. It's the ideal destination for tourists, honeymooners, families, students, and corporate visitors to relax, explore, and experience the natural beauty of Chilika. Escape the busy city life.

Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have any Boat arrangements to reach the Resort From SATAPADA or JANHIKUDA BOAT JETTY ?

Yes, we have returned 50% of the advance booking payment subject to 15 days prior information of the confirmation date. In case of Less than 15 days information, we extend the booking date as the Guest is comfortable within the next 4 months subject to availability of booking date from our side.

Contact Mobile Number and QR code is given, Scan and pay to get the confirmation of Booking. Or drop an email to info@daavenhospitality.com

Yes, the resort is well equipped with modern facilities and armed with local trained manpower to provide the best standard of services to its valued guests. Call Office at Bhubaneswar 9437568051 or Bhubaneswar Office-incharge 9937019435 / 9336752237

It is indeed a resort of greenery and great for families with a kids play area. We give utmost importance to guest security, cleanliness and hygiene.