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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Daaven Eco Resort

Chilika, Asia’s largest lagoon, is a sprawling natural wonder spanning over 1100 square kilometers in eastern Odisha. This breathtaking destination is blessed with pristine natural beauty, a pollution-free environment, lush greenery, invigorating sea breezes, and numerous enchanting natural landmarks.What truly sets Chilika apart is its unique and thriving ecosystem, supporting a diverse array of flora and fauna. The lagoon is teeming with fish, prawns, crabs, and even the majestic Irrawaddy Dolphins. Moreover, Chilika is a haven for countless resident, migratory, and aquatic bird species, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.Throughout the year, eco-tourists, adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and seafood connoisseurs flock to Chilika to revel in its serene natural beauty. It’s a destination where one can immerse themselves in the unparalleled experience of exploring nature’s finest offerings. Chilika is, without a doubt, a slice of paradise on Earth, beckoning all to partake in its wonders.


Experience seamless comfort and convenience, where every need is effortlessly catered to.





Frequently asked Questions

Do you have any Boat ?

Yes, we have Tie Up with local Boat owners, for which they provide Boat To & Fro Resort and Sightseeing ( Dolphins watching Sports, Rajhans Beach, Reserve Forest spots for Trekking alongwith Long Boat drive), combo package @2500/- for maximum six people.

Do you have a booking cancellation policy ?

Yes, we have returned 50% of the advance booking payment subject to 15 days prior information of the confirmation date. In case of Less than 15 days information, we extend the booking date as the Guest is comfortable within the next 4 months subject to availability of booking date from our side.

How to book a Room/Cottage at your Resort ?

Contact Mobile Number and QR code is given, Scan and pay to get the confirmation of Booking. Or drop an email to

Do you have offers for Cottage  or Bulk Booking, nearby Picnic Spots & Manpower Services and Corporate Booking ?

Yes, we offer a variety of options, including cottage or bulk booking, proximity to popular picnic spots, and access to a skilled workforce for your convenience. For corporate bookings, please contact our Bhubaneswar office at 9437568051 or the Marketing Force at 9336752237/ 7657069531 / 8249995894.

What is the importance of staying at your resort ?

We provide adequate seclusion. Because the resort has so many amenities, one can get away from the stresses of daily life and unwind here. This is one of the significant benefits of staying at our resort.