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Kitchen Ceff serves delicious home style Indian, Chinese ,Tandoor dishes cooked with Chilika fresh , locally sourced organic produce, hi-quality ingredients without using any harmful preservatives or chemicals, which ultimately has a happy effect on the Guest's mood of satisfaction at affordable prices. The way the resort sustains this happiness is through the resort's good foods and pampered services.

Elevating Flavors, Creating Memories!

"At our restaurant, our mission is to offer a delightful dining experience by skillfully preparing delicious Indian and Chinese dishes using the freshest Chilika seafood (Fish, Prawns & Crabs) and locally sourced organic vegetables. We take great pride in our dedication to high-quality ingredients, free from harmful preservatives and chemicals. Our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction is rooted in our understanding of the profound connection between happiness and food. We provide affordable prices and enhance your dining experience with attentive pampering services, ensuring that your stay at the resort is genuinely enjoyable."